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The Hi5 Challenge is just that! A Challenge to yourself to have a healthier life. The Hi5 Challenge Kit came with three items:
◾Hi5 Lean is a shake full of vitamins and minerals.
◾Hi5 Boost supplies energy through the day.
◾Hi5 Edge is a dietary supplement that supports optimum health and total wellness.

Now, I am not a shake or smoothie person. I was really stressing myself out just thinking about drinking the shake this morning. All I knew about the shake was that it was vanilla flavor. I mean, you really cant got wrong with vanilla right?! Right!! I mixed the powder with cold soy milk and it was good. I was surprised. Although, if you are like me, you may want to add ice to your “Shake.” Thanks to my mom, whenever I drink milk I add ice. It has to be COLD!! I then followed by taking the dissolvable pills (Edge and Boost). I didn’t enjoy Edge. It is mint flavor and after you have a vanilla shake… the two do not mix well. I will be changing my am routine tomorrow for sure.

I did plan out my foods for tomorrow. I will do the shake with a side of protein and fruit! My lunch consists of a high protein (6g) high fiber (7g) Quinoa Salad (check out my recipe posts for the recipe and other great items to “Chew” on) with fresh zucchini and cilantro from my garden! I did pack a snack of roasted edamame and peanuts and a small container with peanut butter and some Wasa crackers.

I have only been drinking water but I will incorporate Passion Fruit herbal tea with Sucanat or Agua de Jamaica (Hisicus Tea… thanks to my Mexican Husband).

I will let you know how it all works out. I would love to hear what you are doing during you Hi5 Challenge!